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In Office Digital X-Ray

In Office Digital X-Ray

Space Coast Foot & Ankle Center of Melbourne, Florida, possess a state-of-the-art computerized digital radiography system. We are one of the only podiatry offices in this area to offer this cutting-edge technology. 

Dr. Jack MacKenney often utilizes x-ray testing of both the foot and ankle to assess possible bone illness or injury that can be the reason for a painful ankle or foot condition. Space Coast Foot & Ankle Center in Brevard County changed from conventional x-rays technology to the advanced technology of digital x-rays years ago and are extremely pleased with our decision.

The Many Benefits of Digital X-Rays at our Melbourne Office

Digital x-ray technology provides numerous benefits when compared to conventional x-ray systems. A reduced amount of radiation is required with digital x-rays when compared to traditional film and reduced repeat studies are necessary due to the rapid computerized processing and high-quality auto-correction of image imperfections.
The amount of time spent from testing to observing is drastically reduced as it is not necessary to wait for the x-ray film to be developed and processed. Rather, thanks to computerized digital advanced technology, the doctor can view the new x-rays within a matter of minutes on a computer monitor or laptop screen. Digital x-rays can detect stress fractures nearly two weeks before they would appear clearly on a conventional x-ray film.
Computerize digital x-rays can be easily lightened, darkened, magnified, or adjusted for optimal viewing on a monitor. This allows not only the doctor but the patient as well to view and identify distinct ailments of foot and ankle illnesses and injury. Dr. MacKenney can then provide the most accurate diagnosis. By offering the most accurate diagnosis possible, patients are given a clear understanding of their condition or injury.
Moreover, anxiety many patient’s experiences when faced with uncertainty is reduced because there is no delay in waiting for results of their new digital x-ray images. With this elimination of conventional film, office safety and efficiency are increased as well as the need for disposal of the hazardous chemicals that are used in the processing of film.

Protecting the Patient During X-Ray Testing

Our staff understands the great significance of patient protection while being exposed to radiation and ensuring proper protection during advanced digital x-ray testing. Utilization of this technology is indispensable to our practice. In fact, according to digital radiography experts, the amount of radiation exposure with this advanced technology is reduced by 75 percent or more. Furthermore, overall decision skills of medical professionals are improved with the decreased time between radiation exposure and the time of viewing the developed images of digital x-rays.

What Illnesses and Injuries Can Be Seen with Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-ray images can provide the doctor with an amazing amount of insight into what may be going on with your ankle and/or feet, and possibly in your overall body. With the utilization of proper x-ray technology, like what is shown in digital x-rays, experts at Space Coast Foot & Ankle Center in Melbourne can see a variety of pathologies allowing them to diagnose or rule them out. Utilizing the technology of digital x-rays saves the patient both time and money.

While most individuals understand that traditional x-ray can be used to see a break or fracture in the bone, however, this is only the start of what a digital x-ray can visualize. A well-versed podiatrist like Dr. Jack MacKenney is able to see signs of osteoarthritis, Osteomyelitis, stress fractures, structural deformities, seronegative arthritides (like psoriatic arthritis), rheumatoid arthritis, gout, tumors, and much more. To aid in further diagnosis, the doctor also has other tools available like CT-scan and MRIs.

What to Know About Digital Foot X-Rays in Melbourne, Brevard County

Any type of imaging can be anxiety provoking, this includes digital imaging. This anxiety is especially true if you have never experienced this procedure before. If you are having digital imaging done on your feet, it can be a bit scary not having the ability to use that part for the time being. To reduce this anxiety, here is what you should know prior to going in for your first foot x-ray and what you can expect from it.

  • Consider wearing easily removable shoes - Prior to your digital foot x-ray, it is important to know what you can expect. One of the most imperative things to know is that is best to wear shoes and socks that can be easily removed, as you will need to remove them prior to the procedure. Not only does this make it more comfortable for you, but it also helps speed up the process.
  • Consider wearing comfortable pants - In addition to wearing shoes and socks that are easily removed for the digital x-ray procedure, it is also imperative to wear flexible and comfortable pants. Pants that can be easily moved in and rolled up above the ankle are critical to making your digital x-ray process go smoothly.
  • Try your best to relax - The goal of this digital foot x-ray is to obtain the most accurate image of your foot as possible. This is why it is imperative that you are still and relaxed. If you are restless and distraught, which is totally natural before any medical procedure, your digital x-ray technician may be unable to obtain the best image possible. To help relax, try meditation or deep breathing prior to the procedure to allow you to fully feel at ease during the digital x-ray test.

Space Coast Foot & Ankle for Quality Care in Brevard County

If you are experiencing foot or ankle issues, visit or call the office of Space Coast Foot & Ankle Center in Melbourne. With the use of advanced technology, there is no longer reason to suffer any longer. Contact them today for a full assessment and plan of care.